À l’affût

A rare, simple and powerful book, as much for the quality of its words as for its photos.

You who speak of animals when others say gibe. Well, you take images the way a fisherman throws the fish he’s caught back into the water. You consider that you’ve pre-empted nature enough when it gives you a photo. Then you pack your bag and leave. Yet you’ve captured nothing but a moment. But it took you hours to reach that moment. I know what your answer will be: that you don’t count the hours. Let me just say that these hours count.

À l’affût is a book of confidences – and therefore of trust – that borders on a touching and profound reflection, benevolent and friendly, from Paul Hermant to Michel d’Oultremont, still a young photographer, but with a visionary eye. The word is dense, disturbing; the shots are striking and the whole upsets the too great comfort of our eyes and minds fed with “premade” images and thoughts.

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