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Harmonie captures the beauty and magic of Belgian wildlife through intimate, poetic images. This book invites you to explore the richness of nature, paying particular attention to colour and emotion.

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The aim of this book is to transport you to the heart of Belgium’s marvellous nature, revealing the beauty and magic of its wildlife. Through my images, I capture intimate, fleeting moments, highlighting animals in their natural habitat

Harmonie is more than just a collection of photographs; it’s a book that I wanted to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. It is distinguished by its range of colours, from the darkness of night to the purity of snow. Each page is an invitation to explore the richness of wildlife, with particular attention to detail that testifies to the deep love I have for nature. From chickadees to deer, from foxes to great crested grebes, from wild boar to ermine, you’ll marvel at the richness of the wild. 

Weight 0,9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 24 cm



Munken Polar Roagh 150 gr


Rigid 3 mm thick – Soft touch


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Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a nature lover or simply in search of serenity, Harmonie will capture your imagination. Immerse yourself in this poetic universe and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the images in this book, where each photo tells a story and each colour evokes an emotion. Harmonie is an invitation to contemplate and take your time. 

The book will be printed in October in Belgium on matte, textured art paper that reproduces the colours of my images as faithfully as possible.

Harmonie is a large 30×24 cm book with over 260 pages


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